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Our Wedding


The Bride

Likes to dance, dream, travel, look for answers, read, go out with friends, rest actively, spend time in the mountain, eat white chocolate, and prepare a biscuit cake.


The Groom

Likes to go out with friends, travel, sunbathe, swim, look for interesting opportunities, spend time outdoors, ride a bike, work late and eat a biscuit cake.

``If you stay in love for more than two years, you have found someone worthy. “

``With time only real friends stay with you, with the strongest nerve system``

Friends For Life

Our Partners in Crime

Best Woman

Dilyana is the biggest fan of the young couple. She likes to listen to all of their stories, share them again and again in front of all their friends, welcome them in her home and help with all little design details. Do not challenge her.

Best Man

Mihail is the biggest fan of the young couple. He loves to cook and feed them until he is sure that they are full enough, listen to all of their stories and help them with anything even on a Sunday night. Do not mess up with him.


Desislava, Iskra, Kalina, Nataliya, Teya, Valya and Vesselina are the girls who laugh at the most boring jokes of the bride, dance the craziest, when everyone is watching them and support the bride in all important moments. These are the most beautiful, fun and witty bridesmaids. Real friends.


Donislav, Mario, Stelian, Georgi, Belizar, Slav and Stoil are the boys who never let the groom go back home sober from the party and have witnessed and participated in most of his strange stories that all remember but deny. They are the most loyal and cheerful groomsmen. True friends.

``Good marriage is like a meal. Only those, who prepare it know what is inside``

The Program

Wedding Weekend

22.06.2018, Friday


Let's go to Varna!


Hotel Accommodation


Wedding Pre-Party on the beach bars

23.06.2018, Saturday


Beach, cocktails, sun, and rest in front of bar Kubo


Taking the bride with the biggest supporters


Church ritual at Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral


Cocktail party in front of ``Horizont`` complex


Wedding ceremony in front of ``Horizont`` complex


Wedding party at restaurant ``Horizont``

24.06.2018, Sunday


Welcoming the sunrise with the last survivors


Beach, sea, drinks, and fish in front of Rapongi


The End of the Wedding Weekend

Thank you for being part of our life!

Temenuzhka and Angel


For Us is You

Your presence is the biggest gift to us. We want to make our special day, special for you and for many other people as well.

In order to make more children happy, instead of flowers, you can bring us kids’ books, novels for adolescents, interesting books, suitable for children between 7 and 15 years of age, which with the support of Az Cheta , the largest Bulgarian online book and reading media, we will donate to different libraries and schools in the country. 

The smiles that we will receive in return are priceless.




``Travelling is like marriage. One of the ways to make a mistake is to think that you can control it.``

The best way to get to Varna is by plane. Fast, easy and convenient. Wizz Air and Bulgaria Air have convenient flights every day, so do not hesitate to check their website for more information.

However, if you prefer to travel by car and you do not have one, contact us and we will connect you with other friends who will be traveling by car.

It’s always funnier when we travel together.


``Life is good when you live without unnecessary anxiety``

To make it easier to find a hotel in Varna we have prepared several offers for different hotels near the wedding venue. Contact us to help you find the right hotel for you. To make a reservation, contact the hotel reception directly, make it via their website or Booking.com . When you book more rooms at the same time, hotels will give you a discount. Do not forget to ask them.


Here are our offers: Best Western Varna , Hotel Duchessa , Hotel Classic ,  Hotel Orbita , Villa Saltanat 41 , Holiday Village St. Nicholas ,  Guest House Plamena , Hotel Perfect , Hotel Odessos.







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We are looking forward to seeing you!

Temenuzhka and Angel